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Stargaze Festival: What to bring

Stargaze Festival August 26-28th Packing list

LesbianNightLife Stargaze LGBTQ+ Festival Packing list, for an amazing weekend in the woods with friends.

You have your tickets and you are ready to pack for the big weekend. What do you need to bring? We have put together a list to help you get started. This is just a guide including some Camping must haves, cooking supplies, and fun stuff to make for a more comfortable camp experience.

Stargaze is a collaborative community we encourage bringing stuff to share.

We will not be selling food or drink at the festival so stock up before you arrive.

Camp Must Haves

• Tent and ground protection (tarp, etc.) *(If a cabin has been purchased, please bring your own sheets, blankets, and pillow)

• Sleeping bag/blankets/pillows/air mattress or padding

• Air pump for air mattress or floats/rafts

• Camping chairs

• Cooler and or portable cooler for the beach

• Towels for shower and beach

Flashlight or Headlamps

• Lantern/Citronella Candles

• Hammer or Rubber mallet

• Bug Spray/Sunscreen

• Matches/Lighter

• Beach chairs

• Firewood for sharing (must be from Massachusetts)

• Good vibes

Kitchen/cooking supplies

We will not be selling Food or Drinks at the Festival so please bring your own. If you would like to contribute to the community, bring extras to share.

• Breakfast / lunch/ dinner/ snacks

• Dishes/paper plates/utensils/cutting board

• Beverages: coffee, water, and adult (21+ event)

• Garbage bags (leave no trace camping)

• Paper towels/napkins

• Butter/Cooking oils or sprays

• Salt, pepper, spices

• S’mores supplies

• Cups/koozies/Ice

• Grill or cooktop and accessories

• Cleaning utilities/Dish soap/bucket/sponge/Lysol wipe

• Cooking pans or skillet

Misc/ Medical

• Prescriptions or any medical devices needed for camp (IE: Epi Pen/Insulin)

• First aid kit accessories

• Clothes for both warm and cold weather: socks, shoes, sandals, pajamas, shower shoes or flip flops, etc.

• Costume or glow accessories for our glow party!

• Bathing accessories and toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, brush, deodorant, glasses, etc.)

• Raincoat/Sweatshirts/Poncho/Umbrella

• Sunglasses/ Hat/ Backpack

• Phone charger/Portable batteries/Extension cord

• Bicycles are encouraged

• Batteries for flashlights/etc.

Join in the fun....

• Decorations/ lights/Bluetooth speakers for the campsite

• Art or craft supplies to host a fun event at your campsite

• Glow sticks and other glow accessories for the Glow Party

• Inflatables or lake rafts to share

• Extra blankets/ towels/ beach games

• Cups/folding table for games

• Coffee makers or a grill for community sharing

• Books for a community book swap

• Yoga mats to host a yoga session

• Extra phone chargers or portable batteries

• Bicycle for riding around camp

*Additional small items will be available for purchase from our General Store till supplies last

o Campfire sticks for S’mores

o Bug Spray/ Sunscreen

o Socks/ Flashlights/Batteries

o Ice for coolers

o Coffee and Continental breakfast

If you haven't got your tickets yet, its not to late. Check out the StargazeFestival Website for details.

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